Paper Beads



Create colorful paper beads from supplies around the house! Turn them into an art project, jewelry or even a keychain.

Video tutorial: EP Paper Bead Tutorial by scrappycanuck on YouTube


  • Old magazines/posters/newspaper
  • Modge Podge (you can use clear fingernail polish if you don’t have modge podge)
  • Scissors
  • Glue Stick
  • Wooden Skewer (you can use chopsticks or anything you can wrap a bead around!)
  • String or Jewelry Cord
  • Jewelry Wire (optional)

Project Steps

Step 1

Start by cutting your paper into strips – you’re going to need a few!

  • The width of your paper determines the length of your bead
  • The length of your paper determines how wide the bead is
  • Different shaped paper will cause different-shaped beads!

Here is an example showing which paper shapes result in which beads:

Different bead types based on different paper shapes

Step 2

Next, roll the paper strips tightly on a skewer and glue down the end of the paper (so that it will stick to itself).

Step 3

Cover the outside of the bead in Modge Podge or clear fingernail polish to seal them.

Step 4

Once the bead is dry, you can remove it from the skewer. Repeat the process several times until you have enough beads for what you’d like to make.

Step 5

After you finish, try to answer these questions about your project:

  • What did you discover about the shape of the paper strips?
  • If you couldn’t find a wooden skewer, what did you use instead?
  • What other ways could you customize this project?

Step 6

String your beads, make a keychain, or use them to create an art piece! When you’re done, share what you made with us.

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Daily Prompts - Paper Beads