Zentangle is an art form that uses lines and shapes to create intricate patterns. In this project, you’ll create your own patterns and put them together into a stunning art piece!


Project Steps

Step 1

To get started, think about a simple line. How can a simple line change?

We could make it bold, thin, dotted, or dashed.

We could put several lines together. They could criss-cross, they could make a grid, they could run parallel.

Step 2

Using the Zentangle Pattern Sheet (or a blank piece of paper), experiment with creating patterns. Use wiggly lines, straight lines, or thick lines – whatever you feel like! Use your pen or marker to lay down your lines.

Step 3

Once you have a few patterns you like, move to a blank piece of paper. You can always cut the paper smaller.

Begin filling your page with an ink pen or marker. You can start and stop wherever you like! Zentangles are meant to be relaxing and not intimidating.

Step 4

Once you’ve laid your lines, you can go back in with a pencil.

You can use your pencil to create shade and value (think shadows and highlights). This can help your Zentangle “pop.” If you’re unsure where to start, try shading along your heavy lines (like in the guide below).

Applying different amounts of pressure with your pencil will give you lighter and darker grey. Also, experiment with shading in different directions. You can use an eraser to highlight areas you’ve shaded.

Step 5

Check out this example if you want some inspiration for shading:

3 step Zentangle example with lots of shading
3 step Zentangle example with lots of shading created by Ashley Brewer.

Step 6

Share your patterns (or even a step-by-step guide) so others can use them in their Zentangle creations.

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Daily Prompts - Zentangle