Best Practices for Tech Center Success

Objectives and Overview

The Tech Center is an exciting and fun place to learn and work, but there are a few things that you will need to keep in mind to keep it a safe and productive space as well. In this lesson, we will work together to create a set of Best Practices to guide your work and behavior during the program.

Lesson Objectives

  • Identify Best Practices for working through Maker Foundations

Best Practices

At the beginning of each cycle of Maker Foundations, we work with each cohort to create a set of Best Practices for being successful in the program and at the Tech Center in general. These are guidelines or expectations for behavior and work ethic that we adhere to when we are working together – in the Tech Center or outside events – and they fall into these four categories:

  • Respect the Program
  • Respect the Place Where You Are
  • Respect the People You Are With
  • Respect Yourself

Activity: Group Exploration of Best Practices

To explore what we’d like our Maker Foundations cohort culture to be, we will each get 2 post-it notes. On one post-it note, we will write down one word that describes a positive aspect of our school environment and one word that describes a negative aspect of our school environment. We will then use the word cloud we created to come up with at least 4 expectations for ourselves, our peers, and our staff.