Capstone Project: Feedback and Reflection

Congratulations! You’re in the last stages of the project now. After you’re finished up with the project you’ll need to complete a Project Reflection portfolio entry. At the Showcase, you’ll have your portfolio on a computer next to you, so be prepared to show your entry to attendees. For this reason, you’ll want to make sure to plan enough time to make a polished reflection entry that includes photos and well-organized text, and even a video if it’s appropriate for your project.

Project Reflection

In a Project Reflection post on your portfolio website, you will be writing about how your project turned out. This is written to reflect on your project, your new learning, new skills you gained, and anything else about the process you would like to share. A Project Reflection post is written when a project is completed (or when a version of a project is completed).

When you write a Project Reflection, please answer ALL of the following questions in a few paragraphs:

  • What was the project prompt?
  • What is your project
  • Why did you make this project?
  • How did you make it? What was your process? What steps did you follow?
  • What problems or challenges did you face? How did you overcome these?
  • What new skills or concepts did you learn through this project?
  • What would you do differently next time?
  • What would you tell someone else who was going to make this project?