Capstone Project: Prototyping and Making

Objectives and Overview

Lesson Objectives

Prototyping and Making

Now that you’ve planned your project and showed your proposal to the program staff for review, it’s time to move on to the next stages of the Design Process: Prototyping and Making! You’ll have plenty of time to work on your project while at the Tech Center, but if there is anything you’d like additional time with feel free to work at home as well.

Remember to have a solid understanding of your project scope. If you find that your project is becoming overwhelming, it’s a good idea to break your project into smaller components if you’re having trouble moving forward.

As you work on your project you may find that certain things that you outlined in the previous two stages are proving more difficult than you thought. This is completely fine and happens to everyone!

Project Work

This is an ongoing phase and will be the bulk of the time spent on your capstone project. While these projects are individual, it’s a great idea to fully utilize your peer community by constantly getting (and offering) feedback that can then be integrated into your process. This is especially helpful if you find yourself at a point where you’re stuck!