Course Overview and Objectives

Objectives and Overview

In this lesson, participants will become oriented to the learning space and the expectations for working in the space. You will review the program as well as meet the people in your cohort.

Lesson Objectives:

  • Identify the goals of Maker Foundations
  • Meet the Program Staff you will be working with
  • Review the expectations for Maker Foundations and being a part of the program

Welcome to Maker Foundations!

Welcome to Maker Foundations! We are excited about working with all of you and getting to know you more over the next few months.

Digital Harbor Foundation is a youth makerspace where youth from around the city can come and explore their technology interests. We are focused on helping youth learn new skills in areas of modern, cutting-edge technologies. We are here to help you gain new skills, try new things, and work on projects that are interesting and inspiring.

Digital Harbor Foundation offers after-school programs for youth in 3rd – 12th grade, as well as summer camps, family activities, and other making opportunities. Our Middle & High School programs occur in the MegaLab, while our Elementary programs occur in the NanoLab.

We are happy you are here and we are looking forward to getting to know you better during your time here!

Two Digital Harbor Foundation youth working side by side on a laptop

Overview and Goals of Maker Foundations

This program is designed to introduce you to a variety of technology topics and tools and help you better understand some of the newest technologies available.

During Maker Foundations you will be asked to follow a sequence of lessons to guide you through the basic skills and knowledge you will need to be successful and able to work independently as a Member.

Goals of Maker Foundations

  • Become familiar with Digital Harbor Foundation
  • Identify the different modules in Maker Foundations
  • Gain experience in each of the different technology pathways we offer:
    • Web Development
    • Game Development
    • 3D Design & Printing
    • Graphic Design
    • Digital Communication
    • Electronics
  • Become comfortable with the tools used in each pathway
  • Develop a Digital Portfolio to document your work

How Maker Foundations Works

Maker Foundations is made up of 10 different modules focused on new technologies and skills needed to be productive participants in the Tech Center programs.

Maker Foundations Modules

  • Orientation
  • Digital Communication
  • Project Planning
  • Maker Portfolios
  • Graphic Design with Inkscape
  • Game Development with Scratch
  • 3D Printing for Beginners
  • Electronics
  • Web Development
  • Final Project

Each module will take between 1-4 sessions to cover completely. Each of the Skill Topic Modules (Graphic Design, Game Development, 3D Printing, Electronics, and Web Development) is made up of 4 sessions: 2 sessions for completing the lesson and 2 sessions for completing the project and creating portfolio entries.

Maker Foundations Expectations

Youth must complete and document mini projects for all the skill modules (5 in total). Youth are expected to maintain a digital portfolio throughout Maker Foundations and must keep the entries up to date. At the end of Maker Foundations, youth are expected to have a portfolio with at least 13 entries (2 for each module and 3 for the final project). The portfolio process is a valuable and crucial skill to success as a maker, and this is built into the lesson content.

The final module of Maker Foundations is the Final Project. You will choose your favorite topic from the program, or mash up multiple topics, and plan and complete an independent Project that will be presented at the Finale Showcase.

Throughout the program, you will work on smaller Mini Projects to show what you have learned about each topic. For these Mini Projects, you will also create portfolio pieces to document all the work you do and all the new things you learn.

We close out Maker Foundations with a Maker Showcase. Parents, family, friends, and community members will all be invited to an evening event where each participant of Maker Foundations and each Tech Center Member will share their work, Mini Projects, and Final Project made during the program.

DHF youth collaborating on an electronics project using PlayDoh

Membership at DHF

Completion of Maker Foundations is the first step to becoming a Tech Center Member. Members are able to attend advanced courses and are eligible for other exciting opportunities as well.

How Do I Become a Member?

Going through Maker Foundations is required for all Members. In order to become a Member, youth must complete all the skill projects in Maker Foundations and have every portfolio entry for the semester (13 total). Additionally, youth must complete a final project and present it at the end of the semester Showcase.

Member Courses

We are happy to announce a new structure for Tech Center Members. We are now offering two 14 week courses each semester. These courses will run Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday. We created these courses for your continued advancement as a Member of the Tech Center. Many of the courses delve deeper into the skills introduced in Maker Foundations, while some introduce completely new concepts and tools!

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