Creating a Portfolio With Glitch

Objectives and Overview

You’re going to create a portfolio in Glitch that you’ll use to document projects and new things that you learn. This lesson gets you started, but you’ll be adding the content yourself over time.

Lesson Objectives

  • Be able to use basic HTML and CSS skills to create a portfolio project
  • Identify and explain what a portfolio is and describe the purpose
  • Begin editing the HTML and CSS to start creating your portfolio
  • Demonstrate that you’re able to upload images to Glitch

Creating a Portfolio

Your Project Settings

You can access your project settings by clicking on the project name in the upper left corner:

Glitch project settings modal

From here, you can rename your project, create a new project, remix a project, switch project, or make a project private. By default, all Glitch projects are public. If you want to keep your project private until you want to share it, click that option.

You’re also able to change Glitch’s appearance from light to dark by clicking the Change Theme button under the Editor Settings.

Renaming Your Portfolio

Rename your project to be something such as name-portfolio. For example, here the project is renamed to “jonathan-portfolio.”

Closeup of Glitch interface showing how to change a project name

Once you change your project name, you’ll see that the URL changes as well!