Makey Makey Practice

Objectives and Overview

The previous lessons introduced some exciting tools to include in your interactive project toolkit. This lesson demonstrates some examples of how you can level up your Makey Makey skills by connecting with Scratch and Soundplant.

Lesson Objectives

  • Use Makey Makey to build a complete, functional circuit
  • Create a Makey Makey controller that connects with your Scratch game
  • Explore additional, intermediate Makey Makey activities and projects

The purpose of this activity is to encourage you to explore the interactivity of the MaKey MaKey. Once you have an understanding of the materials that work with it and the basics of how the MaKey MaKey interacts with the computer, you should aim to expand your creativity by making interactive objects that are more involved than just a block of Play-Doh. Makey Makey has a library of guides that you can check out for inspiration: Makey Makey Labz

If you haven’t already done so at this point, you should explore the different conductive materials that are available and practice combining them into new things. For example, cardboard in itself isn’t conductive but can be used to make a case or a mount and base for conductive materials.

Activity: Makey Makey and Scratch

Make a controller that interacts with Scratch. Start with your own Scratch game but also think about making a musical instrument using Scratch’s ability to play notes. You should aim to explore interactivity and create something that matches the theme of your game! The point of this isn’t to just be playing games, but rather to come up with something that matches the theme of the Scratch project.

Activity: Advanced Makey Makey Skills

Once you have an understanding of how the Makey Makey works, there are some advanced options to explore. The first thing to attempt is to move away from needing to hold the Earth (ground). Think about how a switch works and see if you can come up with something that functions in a similar way. Additionally, ports on the Makey Makey can be remapped so that they correspond to different keys on your keyboard. If you are interested in remapping the Makey Makey, visit this page: REMAP.