Tech Closet Expectations

Objectives and Overview

This lesson covers the expectations, rules, and procedures for using the Tech Center laptops. There is an activity that covers the process for putting away laptops — this process should be followed every time you use one of the Tech Center’s laptops! If you’re not in programs at the Tech Center, you may skip this lesson.

Lesson Objectives

  • Review the expectations and rules for using the Tech Center laptops
  • Become familiar with the charging cart: how the computers, mice, and headphones are stored
  • Demonstrate understanding of the cleanup process by putting away your computer in the charging cart

Expectations and Rules

One part of being part of the Tech Center community is respecting the tools and tech that you use every day. The Tech Closet is where you’ll find the MacBook Airs (and accessories for the Airs) as well as the iPads. The Macbooks and iPads all are contained in the charging cart. Here’s an overview of the rules and expectations.

Macbooks and the Charging Cart

Each computer has a sticker with a number. These numbers correspond to their slot in the charging cart. After orientation, the first thing you’ll do when arriving for programs is to sign-in. If you’re here before 4:00 and would like to eat, head to the kitchen and do that before taking a computer.

Once you’re ready to get a computer, head to the Tech Closet and take out one of the Macbooks from the charging cart. The computers have numbers in the lower right corner that correspond to their slot in the cart. Pay attention to the number on the computer you take!

If you’re in programs in the Tech Center,  at around 5:45 each day the program staff will announce that it’s time to clean up. This means that any materials at your station should be clean and that you need to return your MacBook to the correct charging slot. If it’s not put away in the right spot, you’ll be asked to come and fix it. After you locate the correct spot, make sure to plug in your computer so that it is charging! You’ll see an orange light turn on in the charging port when the computer is charging properly.

It’s much better to just get in the habit of putting the computers back in the correct spot from the beginning!

Macbook Airs charging in the Tech Closet

Here’s an example of where to look for the Macbook numbers:

Mice and Headphones

The mice and headphones are stored on the back of the closet doors. You’re welcome to use these accessories when appropriate as long as you return them when finished. Some lessons will have direct instruction, so facilitators will ask you to remove headphones, but other than that you can use the headphones during programs.

The mice are wrapped up inside baggies. This keeps the wires from becoming overly tangled. Please make sure that when you return the mice you wrap them up the same way so that the mice bin won’t turn into a tangled mess! The headphone wires are similarly wrapped up, so please make sure to return these items in the same condition they were in when you got them!

Putting Away Your Computer

For this activity, the facilitators will conduct an orientation to the Tech Closet. This won’t happen every day unless it becomes necessary, so please make sure to place your computers and any accessories back properly and treat everything with respect! Having the computers out of place makes it more difficult to charge them, and that hurts the Tech Center community as a whole, so take care to be respectful and courteous!

As a reminder, here’s an infographic created by one of our DHF youth:

Infographic showing how to properly put away laptops in the DHF Tech Center tech closet

Remember, make sure that the laptop is actually charging and that you’ve returned it to the designated spot. If you don’t see the tiny orange light on your laptop, it’s not plugged in!