Zoom: Best Practices

Objectives and Overview

This lesson provides resources about best practices and other tips for productive teleworking with Zoom. While Zoom is a fairly user-friendly program, there are many features and tricks that aren’t clear at first.

Lesson Objectives

  • Locate the Zoom Resource List

Best Practices Resources

While Zoom was already popular prior to the COVID-19 pandemic in Spring 2020, social distancing and the sudden need for teleworking tools caused Zoom’s usage to skyrocket. Many folks were using Zoom for the first time and there were a lot of questions about how to be productive with it. This lesson provides a collection of resources related to improving your productivity with Zoom. Some of these resources are directly from Zoom while others are from other organizations.

General Tips

Resource List

Zoom Help Center: Getting Started Resources: The Zoom Help Center is a hub with several resources created by Zoom. If you scroll down halfway through the page you’ll see several support topics:

Zoom Help Center page with a box drawn around the "Support Topics" section.

Zoom: Best Practices in a Meeting (One-Page Guide): This resource from University of Minnesota’s Information Technology program provides several tips sorted into categories.

Zoom Meetings: Etiquette and Best Practices: This resource from University of Pittsburgh’s Information Technology program provides tips and examples of best practices for Zoom meetings.