Project: Self-Portrait

Objectives and Overview

Project Objectives

Project Overview

The first project is to create a “Self Portrait” using the skills you’ve built so far in the course. The self portrait does not necessarily need to be of “you” (although it is okay if it is) it could be something that you feel represents you (i.e like your bike, your favorite item of clothing, or your house).

The core objective for this project is to build your comfort level with using p5. You’re expected to document this project in your portfolio, so you’ll need to allow time for this!

There are four phases to this project:

  • Planning phase: Take some time to review the project requirements and decide what you want to include in your self portrait. Think about whether you want the portrait to be a sketch of you or if you want to use something that represents you. You can even mix both approaches! Use this time to really identify what you plan to make.
  • Prototype phase: Create a physical sketch in your Maker Notebook. Utilize the graph paper to create a prototype that can be recreated in p5. Feel free to use colored pencils, markers, or crayons! You’ll need to complete this phase before you’ll be able to move into writing code.
  • Programming phase: Create a new p5 sketch and start coding your self portrait! Stick to your plan and prototype as best as you can. It’s alright if you make some modifications, but one of the objectives of this activity is to practice being able to sketch a design on paper and then recreate it digitally.
  • Documentation phase: Once you’ve completed your self portrait you’ll need to write a portfolio entry about it. Make sure to include screenshots and a link to your sketch!

Project Requirements

Your project needs to include the following:

  • Lines
  • Shapes
  • Color
    • At least 2 different colors.
    • Bonus: Include transparency!
  • Include Variables in your sketch.
  • Include at least one for loop.
  • Plans + paper prototype
  • Portfolio entry with screenshots and link to sketch