Fusion 360: Autodesk Design Academy

Objectives and Overview

This lesson introduces the Autodesk Design Academy, an educational platform that provides learning resources for Autodesk design softwares like Fusion 360. 

Lesson Objectives

  • Learn to use Autodesk Design Academy as an external resource to master Fusion 360.
  • Complete two projects as an introductory projects to Fusion 360

What is Autodesk Design Academy?

Autodesk Design Academy provides educators and students free access to product tutorials, exercises, projects, and courses for Autodesk tools as they learn about the world of 3D design. Activities for students include individual exercises, projects, and courses. Exercises are short, skills-based experiences that introduce students to Autodesk software and the design thinking process.

This is similar to the experience of Tinkercad Learn. Take advantage of Autodesk Desk Academy’s resources as you learn Fusion 360.     

Fusion Mastery Course

There is a self guided Fusion 360 Mastery Course inside Autodesk Design Academy with FREE video content on just about everything necessary to master Fusion. (https://academy.autodesk.com/software/fusion-360)

Complete Now

Introduction to CAD with Tinkercad and Fusion 360

Description: This beginner-level CAD course is ideal for those who are new to 3D modeling software and are interested in exploring how CAD can be used to create professional 3D models and prototypes. The step-by-step instructions will guide you through the initial design in Tinkercad then show you how to send this to Fusion 360, where you’ll add features for digital manufacture, create technical drawings, and produce photorealistic cloud renders. At the end of the course, you’ll be able to apply your new 3D modeling skills and knowledge to create professional CAD models and prototypes for all your own concepts.

Fusion 360 for Designers

Description: As a designer, rapid prototyping is essential to communicating design form and function. Rapid prototyping can offer flexibility for designing for manufacture. It gives designers the ability to create 3D CAD models using freeform methods, and to quickly produce a 3D printed physical prototype.

Complete On Your Own Time

Intro to 3D Modeling 

Description: In this lesson, you will begin by first learning some foundational sketch creation techniques, such as sketching lines, arcs, circles, and rectangles. You will also be introduced to more advanced sketching techniques, where you will create patterns, project sketches and define sketch dimensions and constraints, as well as create work planes and sketches on faces. You will then carry out a short practical exercise.

Principles of Design Thinking

Description: Design thinking is a problem-solving framework that is transforming fields from entertainment to international development. In this beginner-level course, you will practice each step of the design thinking process by completing a series of hands-on activities. Video lectures will introduce the mindsets and exercises used by leading designers around the world, but the bulk of your experience will take place away from your computer as you complete 17 activities with people in your school, company, or local community.

Thinking Like an Entrepreneur 

Description: If you’ve been working on a great innovation, you may want to move it into the hands of the people who will use or buy it. This is your market. This process of bringing your product to market is called commercialization. — There are many possible routes to commercialization. This course invites you to embark on a journey to explore the unknown—the original meaning of starting a “venture”—by learning and practicing entrepreneurial thinking skills. Don’t worry if you’re not sure that you want to start a company or if you’d prefer to give your innovation away, or you’re wondering if you should move on to develop a different idea instead. By the end of the course, you will have a set of tools and questions to help you figure that out.

Check This Out!

Product Design Online

This is another great resource to look over as you learn Fusion 360, Product Design Online provides plenty of accessible FREE video resources on YouTube and on their website. A number of videos will be referenced from PDO throughout this course so let’s familiarize yourself with the content. 
Check out their glossary of terms