Tinkercad Design Challenge

For this activity, we’re going to continue practicing designing in Tinkercad. Choose and complete two of the three design challenges below.

Replicate a Spacecraft

Research model of a spacecraft such as a space shuttle, rocket or satellite and design a replica of that spacecraft using only the basic shapes in Tinkercad.

Birdhouse Challenge

Research a local bird and it’s birdhouse recommendations. Design a birdhouse for that bird using only the basic shapes in Tinkercad.

Design a Chess Set

In this challenge, we want you to design a chess set. In hopes of launching a chess club at DHF, we’re hoping to get plenty of unique chess sets to play with once we all return to the Tech Center. Get creative with your designs! Try to stray away from traditional chess piece designs. Take a look at these unique ideas for inspiration: Google Slide Show of Chess Set Pieces