Maker Foundations Expectations

Youth must complete and document mini projects for all the skill modules (5 in total). Youth are expected to maintain a digital portfolio throughout Maker Foundations and must keep the entries up to date. At the end of Maker Foundations, youth are expected to have a portfolio with at least 13 entries (2 for each module and 3 for the final project). The portfolio process is a valuable and crucial skill to success as a maker, and this is built into the lesson content.

The final module of Maker Foundations is the Final Project. You will choose your favorite topic from the program, or mash up multiple topics, and plan and complete an independent Project that will be presented at the Finale Showcase.

Throughout the program, you will work on smaller Mini Projects to show what you have learned about each topic. For these Mini Projects, you will also create portfolio pieces to document all the work you do and all the new things you learn.

We close out Maker Foundations with a Maker Showcase. Parents, family, friends, and community members will all be invited to an evening event where each participant of Maker Foundations and each Tech Center Member will share their work, Mini Projects, and Final Project made during the program.