We Are All Makers

Objectives and Overview

Are you a maker? What do you like to make? In this lesson, we will learn a little about what a maker is and enjoy some videos of makers and the things they make. You will also get a chance to make something of your own in your first maker challenge!

Lesson Objectives

  • Introduction to the Maker Movement
  • Understand what a “maker” is
  • Identify qualities of a maker
  • Make something!

What is a Maker?

You will hear us talk a lot about makers during this program. Makers are people who create or ‘make’ things. A lot of times the things they make solve problems but sometimes they create things just to see if they can do it.

makerspace is a place that provides makers with tools or training to enhance their skills. Here at the Tech Center, we consider ourselves a youth makerspace, which is a place where youth go to learn new skills and work on their projects. Essentially, it’s a space to make!

Activity: What is a Maker?

Please take a post-it note (or more than one!) and write down a response to this prompt:

  • A Maker Is…

When you have written out your responses, please add them to the poster.
This poster will be displayed as a constant inspiration and reminder that we’re all part of the Maker Movement!

Inspiring Maker Videos

To provide you with some inspiration about makers, we have put together a list of videos which highlight the culture and ideas surrounding the maker movement. We will watch the first video together and reflect on it, but please take a look at the other videos when you have time. We hope that these will inspire you and help you better understand the type of activities we are pursuing.

We Are Makers from Learning Studio on Vimeo

We can’t wait to see what YOU make!