Creating Your About Me Site With Glitch

Objectives and Overview

It’s now time to apply your HTML and CSS knowledge and create a personal website! This site will be composed entirely in HTML and CSS and hosted on Glitch. Web development is a field where you’re always able to learn more and try new things, so be sure to push yourself with this project, especially if you’ve done it before.

Lesson Objectives

  • Create a personal website with Glitch that meets the specific skill requirements outlined in the prompt

Project Prompt

The prompt for the project is straight forward: Create a website with at least 3 pages on Glitch. The content can be about anything you like as long it’s appropriate and meets the project requirements. If you’ve already completed this project in Maker Foundations, push yourself to try new things and either create a completely new page or add on to your previous project.

Specific Skill Requirements

The capstone project needs to meet the following requirements:

  • At least 3 separate pages linked together
  • Each page must be linked to a CSS stylesheet
  • Each page must use the following structural elements:
    • Header
    • Main
    • Nav
    • Footer
  • Include the following elements on any page, where appropriate:
    • Headings
    • Paragraphs
    • Lists (ordered or unordered)
    • Images
    • External and internal links

Tips and Best Practices

One of the most important things to consider for your project is the scope. It’s better to plan something that’s smaller scale and then build from there once you make some progress. Remember a crucial part of the design process is the willingness to accept and integrate feedback. Keep this in mind when receiving any suggestions from peers and facilitators!

If you’re having trouble or stuck, it’s often helpful to break your project into smaller components. For example, if you’re having trouble thinking about what content to add to your page, focus some time on styling your navigation.

Remember that this is meant to be an introduction to web development. While it’s great to look to web pages that you like for inspiration, try to not be hard on yourself! There’s much more HTML and CSS out there! Use this project as an opportunity to build your foundation.

Going Forward

Having a personal site that you can experiment with is a great way to test out new concepts. You should be working on this site throughout the course. Think of it as both a website and a personal playground to test out new things. You’ll be adding to your site for the final project.