Course Overview and Objectives

Objectives and Overview

This lesson covers the course structure and the big picture goals and core learning objectives. Additionally, it also includes the expectations that you can have from what is covered in the content as projects, as well as what an overview of what is expected of you in order to get the most from participating.

Lesson Objectives

  • Identify the course structure, learning objectives, and expectations.
  • Identify the expectations of working on projects that build key we technology and design skills.

Course Overview

In this course, you’ll develop principles of web design and development. You’ll practice the basics of two core web technologies, HTML and CSS, as well as how to interact with clients.

Core Technology Skills

There are several core technology skills that this course covers:

  • HTML: The standard markup language used to create webpages and web applications.
  • CSS: The style sheet language for describing the presentation and visual appearance of a markup language such as HTML.
  • Git and GitHub:

Other Core Skills

  • List out other skills


Throughout this course, you’re expected to actively practice the content. The lessons don’t often contain step-by-step activities. Instead, the lessons are a resource to get you started. Learning how to self-learn is central to this course. You’re expected to work through the content and practice the skills presented in each lesson.

There will be times that you may get stuck. Consider asking your peers! If you know an answer (or even a solid next step or direction for someone who is stuck) share that with your peers! There is no expectation that you’ll be an expert on the content, especially if this is completely new to you.

One of the most exciting aspects of technology, and especially web development, is that it’s always changing. This means that learning how to learn is crucial. The expectation is that you actively try to solve problems as you encounter them and that you share your progress and knowledge with other learners.

Capstone Project Overview

All the skills developed throughout this course lead to the capstone project.

The capstone project is an open-ended demonstration of the core skills developed throughout the course.

Core Requirements