Project: Design a Mars Habitat

Objectives and Overview

This project is a fun way to practice human-centered design principles by creating a Mars habitat in Tinkercad. You’re asked to create a solution for a specific user and you’ll be provided with questions that you’ll use to make design decisions about the user’s habitat.

Lesson Objectives

  • Demonstrate the ability to use intermediate Tinkercad tools such as the workplane, transparency, lock, and hide.
  • Engage in human-centered design by designing a habitat that addresses the specific needs of a user.
  • Integrate human-centered design tools by creating a mock persona for their user.

Human-Centered Design

Questions About Mars

  • How is gravity different on Mars?
  • How do people breathe on Mars?
  • Where do people get their food?
  • How do people find/store water?
  • How do they go to the bathroom?
  • How do they cook?
  • What do they do for fun?
  • How do they store their stuff?
  • Where do they put their trash?
  • How do they keep in touch with Earth?
  • What is the temperature/weather like on Mars?
  • How do people generate electricity?
  • How do people travel on Mars?